Apply for the 2nd WeGO Awards!

Apply for the 2nd WeGO Awards! Please submit your application online by no later than July 31, 2014.

Gimpo – New Associate Member of WeGO!

WeGO is pleased to announce that Gimpo City is now an Associate Member! Gimpo is the second Korean City to [...]

Internship Opportunity at the WeGO Secretariat

The WeGO Secretariat is looking for Young International Leaders of the highest caliber who can join as Interns to help [...]

Nominations Are Open for the 2015 United Nations Public Service Awards

In honor of WeGO’s partnership with the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA), WeGO supports the call for [...]

WeGO Members Attend the 4th ULCAMP Conference

The ULCAMP 4th International IT Conference was held in Ulyanovsk region, Russia from July 18 to 20. Keeping up with [...]

68 Projects to Compete for the 2nd WeGO Awards!

The application deadline for the 2nd WeGO Awards was closed on July 31, 2014, marking a total of sixty-eight submissions [...]

Hanoi – New Associate Member of WeGO!

We are pleased to announce that Hanoi, Vietnam joined WeGO as an associate member. Hanoi joins Da Nang and Thua [...]