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What's New WeGO Awards
Greetings from the Secretariat 



Since its establishment in September 2010 through the leadership of WeGO President in Seoul, the World e-Governments Organization of Cities and Local Governments (WeGO) has been committed to pursuing sustainable urban development based on e-Government with the support of its global network of over 115 member cities and international partners, such as the World Bank and the UN. WeGO Regional Offices in Chengdu, China and Ulyanovsk Region, Russia have also been instrumental in fostering discussions and trainings among stakeholders and practitioners in the field of e-Government, successfully promoting WeGO’s mission to utilize IT development for openness and efficiency in public administration. The WeGO Secretariat in hosted in Seoul, which has been consistently ranked by surveys, including the UN e-Government Survey, as a global leader in e-Government.

The WeGO Secretariat oversees a host of activities and events to promote sharing of ICT skills and knowledge in e-Government. In addition to the triennial General Assembly and WeGO Smart Sustainable City Awards, WeGO also organizes annual Executive Committee Meetings, and conducts e-Government Consulting and Training to draw realistic e-Government strategies for member cities and provide opportunities for stakeholders to gain exposure to diverse array of e-Government facilities and policies in member cities.  WeGO cooperates with IT companies to provide specialized toolkits and frameworks to the members to assess the cities’ e-Government systems and strengthen the foundation of e-Government development in the cities and local governments.

The world is undergoing unprecedented urban expansion at this time. This means that the delivery of quality public services by local governments will become both more difficult and necessary at the same time. e-Government has extensive potential in helping to meet these urban challenges and WeGO is poised to play a significant part in harnessing and promoting this potential. We hope for your active interest and support of WeGO in pursuing this mission! 

I invite you to look through WeGO’s website to find out more about our organization, and to join WeGO’s global network for improving the quality of life of citizens worldwide with IT-led public administration. 

Yours truly,


Young-sook Nam