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What's New WeGO Awards
Host City Seoul



The WeGO Secretariat's host city Seoul -- the capital of the Republic of Korea and WeGO's President City -- is one of the world leaders in municipal e-Government.  Based on the strength of Seoul's e-Government systems, the Republic of Korea maintained the top spot as the world's most advanced nation in delivering government services electronically in the rankings of the 2014 United Nations e-Government Survey for the third time in a row.  Seoul also has consistently achieved the top ranking in the International Municipal e-Governance Survey conducted by the E-Governance Institute of the School of Public Affairs and Administration at Rutgers University-Newark and sponsored by the UN.

The Seoul Solution 

Since the devastation of the Korean War, Seoul has risen from the war's ashes and transformed itself to the world's 4th largest metropolitan economy. Seoul ranked 6th among 40 major global cities on the Global Power City Index (GPCI), and has won numerous U.N. Public Service Awards, the prestigious international recognition of excellence in public service.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government has been sharing its experience and know-how on its remarkable transformation with international cities.  For this purpose, the government has collected the city's successful policies in various key areas including e-Government, waterworks, urban planning, and transportation and has published them on its special "Seoul Solution" website. The collection includes policy files, videos, and photographs to help other cities better understand Seoul's best practices.

Click below to access Seoul's best policies from their Seoul Solution website.


Seoul Policy Sharing Initiative

Learn more on how to adopt Seoul's policies by watching the video below.