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WeGO Meetings

General Assembly

The General Assembly is the top decision-making body of WeGO that has the power to approve WeGO's key agenda. A regular session of the General Assembly is held once every three years and is WeGO's main event. The WeGO General Assembly brings together mayors, chief information officers, high-level public officials as well as thought leaders and business partners from all over the world and serves as an important international platform to discuss and share e-Government issues.

Previous General Assemblies
2010 Inaugural General Assembly
2012 2nd WeGO General Assembly

2014 3rd WeGO General Assembly

Foundational Forums
2008 World e-Government Mayors Forum

2009 World Cities CIO Forum

Please stay tuned for the 4th WeGO General Assembly 2017 which will be held in Ulyanovsk Region, Russia!

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee, consisting of twenty or fewer member cities -- including the President and Vice President Cities --, assists in the operations of WeGO and provides support for WeGO projects and activities. The Executive Committee meeting is held annually.

Previous EXCOM Meetings
2010 EXCOM Meeting
2011 EXCOM Meeting
2012 EXCOM Meeting
2013 EXCOM Meeting

2014 EXCOM Meeting

2015 EXCOM Meeting

2016 EXCOM Meeting