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WeGO at a Glance


Who We Are

The World e-Governments Organization of Cities and Local Governments (WeGO) is an international cooperative body for cities and local governments that pursues sustainable urban development based on e-Government.  



We share what we know by promoting e-Government toolkits and frameworks to cities around the world.
We bridge the digital divide by establishing networks through which cities can connect and share their e-government development.
We work with international bodies by conducting joint projects and collaborating in areas of mutual interest.
We discover good practices of e-governance by providing platforms for member cities to discuss and share their e-Government policies and practices.
We promote exchanges and cooperation between cities and other stakeholders.
We use ICT to advance public administration by discovering and disseminating the effective use of ICT for administrative transparency, openness and efficiency.



What We Do

e-Government Tools

WeGO offers cost-efficient and easy-to-use e-Government Tools to its members to help improve their e-Government systems. In partnership with the National Information Society Agency (NIA), WeGO provides an open source e-Government Framework that includes a general technical infrastructure and development tools through the WeGO eGovFrame. The City e-Government Diagnostic and Solution (CeDS) Online Platform, which allows cities to self-assess the maturity level of their e-Government system, was developed by WeGO, World Bank, Seoul Metropolitan Government, and IT consultants is also offered to WeGO members.

e-Government Training

WeGO has been running the popular WeGO e-Government Training Program for WeGO members since 2011 in Seoul, Korea.  Since 2014, WeGO has been expanding its training programs through the WeGO Regional Offices in Chengdu, China, and the Ulyanovsk Region, Russia.

e-Government Consulting

WeGO provides consulting services in cooperation with IT consultants to help member cities assess their current e-Government status and draw realistic e-Government strategies.

City e-Government Diagnostic and Solution (CeDS) Online Platform

Pursuant to an ongoing partnership with the World Bank, WeGO has developed the cost-efficient and user-friendly "City e-Government Diagnostic & Solution Framework" (CeDS) online platform with a focus on local government agenda. WeGO offers the CeDS online platform and advisory services through the WeGO website for exclusive access by WeGO members. 

Cooperation with International Organizations and Networking among Cities and Local Governments around the World

Through a wide network of partnerships, WeGO links members to international organizations, including the United Nations and the World Bank. WeGO's network also includes leading IT experts and professionals from governments, development agencies, academia, civil society, and the private sector.

The WeGO Awards

The WeGO Awards is an international e-Government competition that culminates with the Awards Ceremony held in conjunction with the WeGO General Assembly. More than just an awards ceremony, the WeGO Awards is a testament to WeGO's commitment to finding the best e-Government practices around the world and sharing them with its members. WeGO members and non-member cities wishing to highlight their e-Government achievements on an international scale may join.

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Our Emblem


The emblem contains an organic image: the globe represents the earth and a global network in pursuit of a sustainable and inclusive ecosystem. The gradation of the colors blue and green represents future-oriented paradigm shifts with innovative and stable ICT solutions.

Our History:  A Timeline